Friday, November 18, 2011

Dedicated Art Studio and Santa's Workshop

Well, I definitely want a blog of some sort--not sure if art is the right subject though.

I do have a secret project I am working on....but I am going to see if pans out before I reveal it publicly.

The thing about the artist in me is that she picks what she wants to work on when she wants to work on it.  She also takes rest and rejuvenates.  You see, even if I have ideas for several projects, it doesn't mean that I will always be working on one.

Sometimes it's because I don't have the funds to complete a project, or because I get close to the end of a project and the finishing requires some big decisions, which was one benefit of the mini mosaics; but, often I am in the middle of working on one and I just want to immerse myself in it.

I think that if I had a room dedicated to my art, where I could have many projects going at once--without having to put away the materials each day--I would create more often.

My daughter has been trying to convince me to get one of those loft beds from Ikea and I have resisted.  I am still trying to keep my bedroom looking somewhat like a bedroom..organizing everything so pretty (but it still gets messy).

However, I set up a card table in the room temporarily for Santa's workshop and I really like having the extra work space.

The idea of being on a top bunk doesn't thrill me either.  But if I do just use the bed for sleeping.....I'd probably sleep earlier instead of surfing the net or watching TV in bed.  And, I bet the cats wouldn't be up there crowding me, but maybe they would...

I do need a new mattress. I can feel the springs in mine. So maybe I will look into it since I will eventually have to spend money on a mattress.  I was kind of holding out until I could afford premium quality--but that could take a while.

The whole room can be a studio/office with a loft bed for sleeping...hmmm.

If I did that I could get a comfy chair under the bed to sit in while I do my crafts.  That would eliminate me needing to do my stuff in the living room and messy that room up too.  Of course, it does have the big TV.  I guess I will have to get myself a flat screen for my room.

I can dream!

For now, without the ability to sprawl, I tend to stick with one medium at a time.  Right now it's Christmas presents and getting Santa's workshop streamlined for high production.

I have been in planning mode and not in blogging mode. Not sure I can post pic of what I am working on because they are, after all, Christmas presents. Who am I kidding....I have three subscribers.....maybe I'll post them in some way.

Back to the workshop!


  1. what about a hidden bed?

    i have been doing research for my guest room of a Murphy bed and I like the hidden bed for functionality the best because you can have a whole desk of stuff and still have a bed and you dont have to clear the desk first